Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Through a Child's Eyes

Natural disasters help us to take a moment to reflect on really what’s important in life.  Georgia has experienced devastating floods and this morning we are hearing reports of deadly tsunamis and earthquakes on the other side of the world.  When you witness people who have lost everything, it really helps adjust your focus and outlook on life.

Remembering our children’s perspective on life can also give us a few business life lessons as well.  I remember the time my son saw his first butterfly.  First he screamed with glee when he noticed this little creature, and then he wanted to know what it was.  For the next 15 minutes after that he worked hard on trying to say the actual word.  But what I remember from that moment is how he was just awestruck by its beauty and uniqueness.  This was just an automatic reaction to something he believed was special.

So the brief message for our multifamily environments for today is this.  We have Fair Housing laws to protect the people, but if we see something special in everyone, it will be much easier to follow those laws.  When we view our residents through a child’s eyes, how hard will it be to retain and engage them?  When we see the beauty and amenities of our community though a child’s eyes how much do you need to worry about being secret shopped?

In the overall picture though, it’s not all about work, it’s about life.  Look around, take notice, and be grateful. 

Written by Jonathan Saar  The Training Factor



  1. Great Post Jon! I've never understood why anyone who has a problem with different kinds of people would want a job working in the housing industry in the first place. It's all about heart.

  2. You got it Heather. You have always set a great example! Thanks so much for commenting.