Monday, July 20, 2009

Consistent Leadership---Learn From the Restroom

Consistency holds a special place for all different aspects of life. Even in our subconscious, our mind craves it. I happened to appreciate that even more reflecting on different restroom experiences I have had in restaurants.

I put my hand in front of the soap dispenser and the motion sensor kicks in and out comes the soap. I then place my hands in front of the faucet and for that brief moment I was waiting for the water to come out automatically. Another brief moment passes and I realize there is a manual faucet of which I must turn. Now on to the towel dispenser, I am looking frantically for the wheel or lever to roll the paper out and then the brain has to make its adjustment and once again it’s back to the motion sensor.

After reflecting on that for a while, I came to realize that this is really nothing new. Many restaurants do this, for which I do not know why. You go from motion sensor to non motion sensor items in order to complete your mission in the restroom.

This made me think of the impact it had on my brain’s craving for consistency. With so many things on my mind, it was amazing to me that an inconsistent restroom experience could contribute to a lapse in productivity and time management.

Now take this small insignificant situation and amplify that into our workplace. If such inconsistency in a restroom contributed to a lack of productivity, how more so would this take place at work if we have to deal with leaders who are changing how business, policies, procedures, marketing plans etc. all of the time

If you are a leader in your workplace, is consistency a quality that you keep working on in order to aid to the satisfaction of your team and the overall productivity of each business day?