Monday, September 14, 2009

Did Your Light Bulb Go Off?

So you receive your energy consumption bill in the mail (electric or natural gas).  It’s already not a pleasant item to have to open, but you have no choice.  Much to your chagrin, what you owe this month nearly gives you a heart attack.  Then you reflect on how you have to pay all this money this month for your utility bill and yet your home never feels comfortable!! It is still so hot and my air conditioner is always on and nothing, no relief, still uncomfortable!!
Then you notice a little pamphlet inside the envelope that your bill came with.  It has a simple title, “Would you like to make your home more energy efficient?”  You gasp “YES” and you read the information.  It clearly outlines for you what it will take in order to start saving money.  Tips are given on your windows, doors, filters etc.  As you read through the material you come to realize two things are necessary in order to start feeling comfortable in your home.
1. Decisive Action
2. Spending Money on materials to upgrade various components in your home.

Now can you imagine yourself analyzing these 2 steps?  Would you be saying to yourself, “How ridiculous this is to spend money in the short term in order to save money in the long term?”  I would hope not.  Could you see yourself with such an important matter putting this decision off until next year?  I would hope not.  What is important?  Feeling comfortable in your own home, while saving money is priority.
Notice the picture of the light bulb?  Not so many years ago we used an incandescent light bulb above our heads to symbolize that a great idea has come to our minds.  Those days are over people.  We now use a fluorescent bulb.  Why? It’s called progress.  It’s called taking current trends and translating them into how we do business.
Two of the hottest budget topics that have been circulating within the multifamily industry are Training and Marketing.  This has become an “uncomfortable” topic.  The lack of comfort has come as a result of poor or no training and marketing dollars that are being spent with a very poor return. 
Has your light bulb gone off yet?  When industry professionals present information and services that will make your company feel more “comfortable”, in what timely fashion do you address the presentation and information? 
So ask yourself, what kind of light bulb does my property management company have above its head?  Utility companies present information to its consumers in order to help the environment.  Dedicated multifamily professionals present information to property management companies in order to help the growth and stability of the multifamily industry.  If this post has given you a new or brighter light bulb above your head, I would appreciate your comments.
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  1. You know, It takes some time for those CFLs to "warm up". Maybe that's just the phase we're in with this. They're not quite on full juice yet!

    Nice Post Jon!

  2. Thanks Heather--I know it takes time. This economy really makes everyone very cautious. I look forward to the full juice!