Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you Know How to Shake Someone’s Hand?

When we were young our folks taught us at a wee age what was customary when greeting someone. How many more times did they have to remind us on what was proper?  This became an automatic rule of cultural engagement.  Within a short period of time you realized what was socially acceptable and what was not.
You were taught to shake someone’s hand, say an appropriate greeting depending on their age, and taught proper body language that showed respect and that you truly were interested and engaged by the person you just met.

These basic social concepts of human interaction were engrained in us and have continued to serve us well through school and into the work force.  Now Social Media enters the picture.  Did the definition of “Social” change with this new revolution we are going through?  If you think so then you are reading the wrong post. 

There has been so much debate on how to use Social Media, what it is for, and where to start.  How about just saying “Hello”?  I have a few people on Twitter who I follow that always start their day by saying something like “Good morning Tweeps”.  They never end there.  Throughout the day we tell each other what is going on in our day.  As time has gone by, I have started doing business with some but the vast majority I have not.  Does this mean that “Social Media” does not work?  I guess the better question is  what do I want it to work for? 

Every day is another opportunity to network, engage, and learn from others.  I thank my parents for teaching me how to shake someone’s hand.  That simple life lesson has helped me to successfully navigate the new revolution we are in now.  Don’t over think it folks.  Start by saying Hello.

Written by Jonathan Saar- The Training Factor

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